Ear piercing at Thorntons Jewellers Kettering Northampton as part of our Jewellery service

Ear Piercing

We offer an ear-piercing service by staff that are caring and understanding which is especially important for those who are having their ears pierced for the first time.

Piercings for children can be done as long as they are over 7 years and we would point out that under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.   We only offer first and second piercings in ear lobes but do not piercing of the ear cartilage or any other body part.

The piercing is carried out in a room we call our library which is more private being away from the main shop windows and allows a calm, relaxed and less public procedure.

The system we use is medically hygienic, safe, gentle and sterile so as to give you true peace of mind.  It uses a pre-loaded sterile earring and we have a variety of designs to choose from we give you a bottle of aftercare cleaning fluid.

We do recommend that you make an appointment but may be able to fit you in at short notice.

How may we help?

Please feel free to call in for a chat with one of our experienced staff who will be happy to advise you or contact us online
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