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May has to be one of my favourite months of the year which I think it is due to the anticipation of warmer weather.   I just love going out into my garden to enjoy all those vibrant colours that have sprung into life.   So this month I have chosen an eclectic mix of jewellery designs some of which are set with gems you may or may not have thought of before.



The vibrant green emerald was the perfect choice for May’s birthstone. With its rich green colour it evokes the freshness of new growth in the springtime.  I’ve chosen a neat emerald and diamond cluster pendant and matching earrings set in white gold to illustrate this bright intense burst of colour associated with this wonderful and well known gem.





In contrast to emerald this subtly coloured green fluorite has an almost watery green tint.  These pendant and earrings in a simple yellow gold setting with a little gold curl detail are a new design for this season.  Fluorite can come in a wide range of colours, but the green variety I have chosen is found in West Africa or most recently in Mozambique.

This chunky ring is set with a faceted green amethyst which really is the star of the show but I like the subtle addition of diamonds to the shoulders of the ring – perfect!




My garden tends to get over run with delicate forget me knot flowers this time of year and I love their association with jewellery. These flowers were represented by the turquoise gemstone and used by the Victorians to represent devotion and attachment. I still have a fascination with Victorian jewellery and how this subtle coded floral language was used in their designs.

Thinking about my forget me knots I recently spotted this striking blue stone necklace and bracelet which I initially thought was turquoise but is in fact magnesite.   This soft stone with natural veining very similar to turquoise was carved by the indigenous Americans into beads for jewellery and was also used as currency.

I have been admiring these hoop earrings and pendant since I first saw them last year. They also happen to be set with magnesite and am looking forward to wearing these this spring whilst dining out alfresco.




Designs for this spring include this delicate multi stone circular hoop pendant and matching hoop earrings.  Little hoops are always popular and can also be found set with white stones too but these are a little different with the added pop of cheerful colour.

Spring in colour wouldn’t be spring without Nicole Barr enamels!  These striking silver pendants have an unusual rhombus shape and are set with beautiful vitreous enamel.

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