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Mixing and Matching

You really don’t have to stick to wearing just one colour of jewellery so I thought this month I would have a look at mixing and matching!  I enjoy wearing a mix of coloured gold as well as silver and to bring it all together including some multi coloured pieces.  So I am going to...

Sally Thornton blog on Diamond Jewellery from Thorntons Jewellers Kettering Northampton April 2020

The magic of Diamonds

This month we’re celebrating diamonds!  They are used as a token of love and to mark the major milestones in life. A Diamond given at the right moment, with the right words or even no words at all will melt any heart. In India where diamonds were first discovered, the diamond was valued even...

Sally Thornton blog diamond jewellery

Diamonds – a girl’s best friend

I spend a lot of my time talking to customers about diamonds after all they are “a girl’s best friend”.    As Diamonds are the birthstone for April I am going to take this opportunity and try and squeeze some quick points on what Christies Guide to Jewellery described as “Perhaps nature’s most perfect creation”...

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