Mixing and Matching

Sally Thornton jewellery blog from Thorntons Jewellers Kettering Northampton  Mix & Match August 2020

Mixing and matching

You really don’t have to stick to wearing just one colour of jewellery so I thought this month I would have a look at mixing and matching!  I enjoy wearing a mix of coloured gold as well as silver and to bring it all together including some multi coloured pieces.  So I am going to show you just a few some new pieces some of which were introduced earlier this year as well as some consistent favourites.   There is a lot to choose from and I am sure some will catch your eye.

Hearts are still an eternal favourite and given in the right way can say more than words ever can.  A new piece for this season is the delicate yellow gold filigree heart pendant which has a touch of white gold which I think offsets it beautifully.

This brushed silver and gold plated double heart pendant with matching earrings remains a great favourite and is still as attractive as the day it was designed.

These stacking rings are a slim width so there is room enough to fit all three on one finger.  These look effective in the three different colours and you can choose from the beaded version or diamond set.

If you have ever wondered about the rose coloured gold and how does it get to be that colour. Well, gold’s natural colour is yellow and rose gold gets it gorgeous pink shade from a larger proportion of copper alloy being added to the mix.

The advantage of wearing mixed metals is that they are flattering to all skin tones. The three colours interlaced in the circular pendant and drop earring set are very effective.

A new design is this intricate yellow gold feather pendant which is enhanced by touches of white gold.




Part of British designer Kit Heath’s Shore collection includes a beautiful pendant sandblasted 18ct gold plate against polished silver. It is a very fluid piece and attention to detail from every curve!

Like all the other pieces I have mentioned these ever popular classic and versatile two tone bracelets can be confidently worn alongside other items from your jewellery box.



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