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Sally's blog on the inspiration of Nature on jewellery design March 2019 AA Thornton Kettering

Let Nature Inspire

Over the next few months I am going to take a look at jewellery inspired by nature.   So with the signs of spring in the air and Mother’s Day fast approaching, I have been seeking out recently launched designs and you may notice there is a nature theme going on. The eighteenth-century jewellery designers...

Sally's blog on singing the blues again with blue gemstone jewellery fro AA Thornton Kettering

Colour Kaleidoscope – Singing the Blues again

This month I return to colour kaleidoscope to look again at the blues but this time focusing on the most wearable darker shades. Blue gemstones complement diamonds perfectly, especially when set against white metal so this gem combination continues to be a popular classic.   The Duchess of Cambridge wears a stunning a deep blue...

Sally's blog on a Red Kaleidoscope of gemstone jewellery AA Thornton Kettering

Colour Kaleidoscope – shades of Red

Red has an association with passion, warmth, devotion and cheerfulness which is possibly why it is one of the most frequently used colours in both antique and contemporary jewellery.  So this month’s colour kaleidoscope is the colour red. If we look at our gemstone family tree, there are lots of red stones out there...

Sally's Article on blue Gemstone Jewellery from AA Thornton Kettering Northampton

Colour Kaleidoscope – Shades of Blue

This month’s colour kaleidoscope takes a look at the blues!  With soft pale shades, vibrant turquoises and the watery sea blues from a whole range of gemstones, whose beautiful colours draw us towards the sunny days ahead. This month’s birthstone is Aquamarine so I have to start with this pretty aquamarine and diamond ring...

Sally's article on the Purple Gemstone Kaleidoscope from AA Thornton Kettering Northampton

Colour Kaleidoscope – Shades of Purple

February brings a glimmer a colour, with purple crocuses scattered across the lawn and the tiny violets hidden amongst the moss.  So I am going to start this year by looking at the kaleidoscope of colours available to jewellers and with that said what better way to celebrate this month by looking at the...

Sally Thornton blog on Inspired by Things that fly from Thorntons jewellers Kettering

Let Nature Inspire – Thing that fly

This month we take a look at other greatly loved motifs used in jewellery design. Every year jewellers create variations on natures theme and none more so than insects, birds and butterflies that continue to inspire artists past and present. Butterflies were by far the most popular insect; they were featured on tiny pins...

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